The Catholic University of America

Biology Graduate Student 'Monday' Seminars

McCort Ward, Room 215. 11:10 am

Speaker Title
Feb. 2nd, 2015 Dr. Edward Mertz , Staff Scientist, Section on Physical Biochemistry, NICHD, NIH

"Infrared hyperspectral imaging of cartilage dysfunctions in a skeletal dysplasia with impaired sulfation"

 Feb. 9th 2015 Dr. Emily Messina , Postdoctoral Fellow, Rao's lab, Department of Biology, CUA

"Dissection of the Role of the Stable Signal Peptide of the Arenavirus Envelope Glycoprotein in Membrane Fusion"

 Feb. 16th, 2015  Dr. Lijie Grace Zhang , Assistant Professor, The Bioengineering Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering, The George Washington University  

"Integrating 3D Printing and Nanotechnology for Complex Tissue Regeneration"

  Feb. 16th, 2015

Dr. Abigail A. Marsh , Associate Professor, Dept. of Phychology, Georgetown University

"Empathy on a sliding scale: Is extraordinary altruism the inverse of psychopathy?"

 March 2nd, 2015  Dr. Song Gao , Professor and Vice Director, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Mirine Pharmaceutical Compound Screening, Huaihai Institute of Technology
 "Lipidic Cubic Phase Crystallography of GPCRs and Other Membrane Proteins"
 March 16th, 2015  Dr. Bryan Krantz , Associate Professor, University of Maryland, School of Dentistry
  "Molecular Insights on Anthrax Toxin Unfolding and Translocation"
 March 30th, 2015   Dr. Tatiana Rostovtseva , Staff Scientist, Program in Physical Biology, NICHD, NIH

 "VDAC Structure, Function and Regulation of Mitochondrial Metabolism"

  April 13th, 2015  Dr. Christopher Westlake, Investigator and Head of the Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Section at the Center for Cancer Research, NCI  "Vesicle trafficking mediates early stages of the cell’s antenna construction"
  April 20th, 2015  Dr. Randal Schoepp, Applied Diagnostics Department Chief in the Diagnostic Systems Division, US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Fort Detrick, Maryland  "Undiagnosed Acute Febrile Illnesses in Sierra Leone: A Window to Ebola in West Africa"
 April 27th, 2015 Dr. Kelly Lyn Warfield, Unither Virology, LLC
"Ebola Virus-like particle vaccines and developing immune correlates"