The Catholic University of America


Biology Graduate Student 'Monday' Seminars

McCort Ward, Room 215. 11:10 am

Date  Speaker Title 
 Sept. 12, 2016

Dr. Prasanna Satpute-Krishnan, Assistant Professor,Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD

Stress Cleaning: How a Cluttered Endoplasmic Reticulum Tosses out the Garbage

 Sept. 19, 2016

Dr. Gilbert Smith, Head of Mammary Stem Cell Biology Section,NIH/NCI


Stem Cells and Mammary Gland Development

 Sept 26, 2016

Dr. Roland Nardone, Professor Emiritus, Department of Biology, The Catholic University of America

 Use of Misidentified Cell Lines and Non-Reproducibility of Pre-Clinical Research: Catalysts for a Sustainable
Culture Change

Oct. 3, 2016

Dr. Jin Seob Kim, Assistant Research Professor, Johns Hopkins University

How Skin Epidermis Achieves Homeostasis: A Computational Study

Oct. 17 2016

Dr. David Fushman, Professor, University of Maryland

Cracking the "Ubiquitin code", The evolving picture of the structure and molecular recognition of polyubiquitin signal

 Oct. 24 2016

Dr. Johnathan Dinman, UMD


Recoding the Genome: Cellular Gene Expression by Programmed Ribosomal Frameshifting

  Oct. 31 2016

Dr. Otto Wilson, CUA

Inspiration from Quarks to Quinoa to Quasars (with a side of Quiznos)

Nov. 7 2016

 Dr. Michael Matunis, JHU


"Wrestlers to the rescue:  SUMO Modification and its Roles in Regulating the Degradation of Misfolded Proteins”

Nov. 14 2016

Dr. Anthony Leung, JHU

Novel Proteomics tools to Probe the Roles of ADP-ribosylation tools in RNA Biology

 Nov. 21 2016

 Dr. Tom Mistelli, NIH/NCI

 Nuclear architecture and human aging

 Nov. 28 2016

Dr. Markus Hafner, NIH/NIAMS

Integrative analysis of RNA binding protein targets and function

Dec. 5 2016

Dr. Robert Bloch, UMB

Intermediate Filaments in Muscle:  Keratins and Synemin