The Catholic University of America


Welcoming Remarks

Welcoming remarks by Dr. Frank Portugal, 2013 Biology Graduate Student Symposium co-organizer. 

Student Talks

  Bridget Ledford (Golin's lab) and Andrew Waters (part time student)

Dr, Rao (Chairman of the Biology Department) and 2013 Biology Graduate Student symposium speakers: (from left to right) Myla Spencer, Anneliese C. Striz, Jennifer Groebner, Andrew Waters, Bridget Ledford, and Wadad Al Salmi. 

The Roland M. Nardone Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Rao and Wei-Chun Tang (Rao's lab), proud recipient of the 2013 Roland M. Nardone Excellence in Teaching Award.

Keynote Address


Dr. Steven L. Monfort, DVM, PhD, Director, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, National Zoological Park.



Poster Session