The Catholic University of America

 Byung Min (Justin) Chung

Assistant Professor


    Room: Nursing-Biology 356

    Phone: (202) 319-5279











Education and Training:

B.S. Chemistry with specialization in Biochemistry, University of Virginia

Ph.D. Cancer Research, Northwestern University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


Teaching Interests:

Introductory Biology

Cell Structure and Function

Cancer Biology


Research Interests


The major focus of my laboratory is to elucidate novel functions of keratins in cancer cells. Intermediate filament proteins are the most diverse cytoskeleton proteins, and keratin family of intermediate filament proteins are abundantly expressed in all epithelial cells. Keratins, like all intermediate filament proteins, form ~10 nm wide filaments and provide crucial structural support upon mechanical and non-mechanical stresses. Interestingly, recent studies have revealed several non-mechanical support functions for keratins including cell migration and proliferation.

In cancer, an aberrant expression of keratins is frequently observed, and keratin expression has diagnostic and even prognostic value. We previously demonstrated that keratins contribute towards cancer cell proliferation and invasion by regulating gene expression through an interaction with an RNA-binding protein. My laboratory investigates the cellular roles, regulation and mechanisms of actions of keratins in the context of various metastatic cancers.



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