The Catholic University of America

Wadad AlSalmi

Clinical Assistant Professor, MT(ASCP), PhD
Director: Programs in Clinical Laboratory Science

 (202) 319-5270 
Fax: (202) 319-5721


B.S., Medical Technology, George Mason University, Virginia
Ph.D., Clinical Laboratory Science, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC






1.     AlSalmi, W., Mahalingam, M., Ananthaswamy, N., Hamlin, C., Flores, D., Gao, G., Rao, V.B. (2015) A New Approach to Produce HIV-1 Envelope Trimers: both cleavage and proper glycosylation are essential to generate authentic trimers. J. Biol. Chem. 290(32):19780-95

2.   Jobe, O., Trinh, H.V., Kim, J., Alsalmi, W., Tovanabutra, S., Ehrenberg, P.K., Peachman, K.K., Gao, G., Thomas, R., Kim, J.H., Michael, N.L., Alving, C.R., Rao, V.B., Rao, M.(2015) Effect of cytokines on Siglec-1 and HIV-1 entry in monocyte-derived macrophages: the importance of HIV-1 envelope V1V2 region. J. Leukoc. Biol. pii: jlb.2A0815-361R.