The Catholic University of America


Choy, John Mechanisms of Genome Stabilizaton
Chung, Justin Epithelial Cell Biology & Cancer Research
Corsi, Ann Developmental Biology
Ficke, Marion B. Pre-Med Advisor; Microbiology
Golin, John E. Genetics of Drug Resistance in Yeast
Greene, James J. Molecular Biology of Cell Proliferation
Howard, Barbara J. Clinical Laboratory Science and Ecology
Mullins, J. Michael Cellular Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
Nestorovich, Ekaterina M. Biophysics of Ion-Conductive Nanostructures
Portugal, Franklin Biotechnology
Rao, Venigalla B., Chairman Viruses and Bacteriophage Biology
Tuma, Pamela L Hepatic Cell Biology in Health and Disease

Professor Emeritus

Nardone, Roland M.