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Undergraduate course offerings in the Department of Biology are intended to provide both majors and non-majors with current information necessary for the understanding of life processes and their bearing on biology or medical technology. The curriculum taken by biology majors automatically fulfills requirements for most programs in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine, as well as for graduate studies in various disciplines within biology and related fields. Preparation for postgraduate employment in biological and biomedical research is available through selected offerings. Students whose concentration is in a field other than biology may take BIOL 103 and 104 to fulfill, in part, their natural sciences distribution requirements. Certain other biology courses may be taken by a limited number of majors, with the permission of the instructor, to complete the requirements for a non-majors in biology.

Prerequisites for program of concentration in biology: BIOL 105, 106, 207, 217, 317; CHEM 103, 113, 104, 114, 203, 213, 204, 214; MATH 111, 112. Required: BIOL 449, 452, 454, two other biology courses; PHYS 205, 206, 225, 226.

Students electing the B.S. will select additional science courses.

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