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What is CATCMB?


Dr. Venigalla B. Rao


The Center for Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology, a unit of the Department of Biology at The Catholic University of America has been established in 1983 as an International Center to provide expert training for scientists, technicians, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Its focus is on the new and established biomedically-related concepts and technologies which provide the major impetus for contemporary research,innovative industrial applications, and sophisticated diagnostic laboratory techniques.

CATCMB is Unique

The scope of our program, with an emphasis on extensive "hands-on" training, makes CATCMB unique. These training programs provide CATCMB-trained scientists with the opportunity to rapidly delve into new disciplines, acquire valuable information about principles, methods, instruments, supplies, literature, short-cuts, and pit-falls.

Participant Profiles

Thousands of scientists, both domestic and foreign, were trained by CATCMB. Approximately 65% of these trainees had a doctorate; virtually all attendees had at least a bachelor's degree. Industry, academia, and government were equally represented. Most of the trainees were bench scientists who wanted to acquire a new research tool. Other trainees attended in order to acquire" literacy" or an up-date regarding a rapidly evolving field.

CATCMB Outreach Programs

CATCMB has trained foreign scientists both at home and abroad through joint ventures with USAID and the National Research Council and the Inter-American University in Puerto Rico.

Off-site Workshops

CATCMB has offered "on-the-road" lecture and hands-on workshops across the country both in academia and biotech industry. These are conducted at the site of the host institutions and can be customized to meet the needs of the participants. Since 1998, the main focus of CATCMB has been to conduct the workshops at the off-sites.

Mailing Address
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