The Catholic University of America

Customized Off-Site Courses

CATCMB Custom Designed "Off-Site" Training Programs

Drawing from its repertoire of expert researchers and diversity of programs, CATCMB can custom design training programs to meet the needs of those wishing to have a training program conducted at their site. We have conducted many programs throughout the country and overseas to those organizations/institutions wishing to train a group of individuals in programs designed for their specific needs. Besides the benefit of client-specific services this avenue of training makes sound economic sense. It is much more cost- effective to have several trainers travel to your site as opposed to sending a group of researchers to Washington, D.C. with the incumbent expenses involved. Programs can be lecture-only, lecture and full "hands-on" laboratory sessions, or lectures and "demonstration" of the techniques covered.

The following are some of the institutions/organizations for which we have conducted custom-designed training programs at their site:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals
  • Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • Madison Area Technical College
  • Board of Science and Technology in International Development (BOSTID)
  • An agency of the National Research Council. This program provided the opportunity for us to put on a specialized two week training course for African scientists in Cameroon, West Africa.

We can work with you in assembling a program that meets your training needs and at a cost that is reasonable and highly cost effective to you. If you would like to discuss how CATCMB can provide such a service to you please send a message to