The Catholic University of America

The Minor in Biology


To minor in Biology students must successfully complete a six-course sequence that consists of the following:


1. Required, Core Courses (3):


Introductory Biology: Biol. 105 and 106; Genetics: Biol. 207


2. Elective Courses (3):


The three elective courses may be selected from the list below. Some courses may have prerequisites.


Biol. 232 and 233 Human Anatomy and Physiology

Biol. 418 Physiology

Biol. 449 General Microbiology

Biol. 454 Biochemistry

Biol. 559 Cell Structure and Function

Biol. 563 Developmental Biology

Biol. 565 Model Organisms and Human Disease

Biol. 566 Immunology

Biol. 574 Virology

Biol. 579 Principles and Practice of Biotechnology

Biol. 580 Entrepreneurial Biotechnology

Biol. 581 Essentials of Biotechnology Project Management

Biol. 583 Regulatory Processes for Domestic and Global Biotechnology

Biol. 586 Molecular Genetics and Recombinant DNA

Biol. 596 Computational Genomics

Biol. 598 Membrane Trafficking and Disease

Biol. 599 Signal Transduction and Biomembranes


In addition to this list of electives, it may be possible to substitute other courses, provided that they are officially approved by the Department of Biology. Students seeking such approval should submit a request by email to Ms. Ficke (, providing the name and number of the course, the school at which it is to be taken, a catalog description of the course, and a copy of the syllabus. The student should also stipulate the reason for wishing to substitute this course for one of the standard electives.